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The College is ready to kick off 1976 Homecoming with a number of events, including a disco and performance of the play Dracula. The Voice was able to interview Jack Ford, son of President Gerald Ford about how he views the upcoming presidential elections, and how the candidates differ. The Wooster sorority, Kappa Epsilon Zeta, known as KEZ, dissolved effective the 1976 school year, due to no recruitment in the past couple years. Page 2 features two political cartoons of the incumbent President Gerald Ford. Students are urged to keep letters to the editor as short as possible due to lack of space in the publication. Sophomore students discuss their experience backpacking along the Appalachian Trail. Writer George Bruce will be visiting the College to teach guest seminars; the Voice provides a short biography of him. Danforth Fellowships will be awarded to graduates, and Wooster seniors are encouraged to apply. The language groups on campus are set to sponsor plays as well as other activities this semester. Going into Homecoming, the Wooster football team is so far undefeated. Due to the fascination with Ultimate Frisbee, a competitive frisbee team has appeared on campus, with teams being formed by multiple halls.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Homecoming, Dracula, jack Ford, Gerald Ford, Kappa Epsilon Zeta, KEZ, Political Cartoons, Appalachian Trail, George Bruce, Danforth Fellowships, language groups, Ultimate, ultimate frisbee


Homecoming; Children of presidents--United States; Presidents--United States--Election--1976; College sororities; Political cartoons; Hiking--Appalachian Trail; Bruce, George, 1909-2002; College sports; Ultimate (Game); Hersey, John, 1914-1993. Gerald R. Ford

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1976-10-08