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Parents weekend is beginning on campus, and everyone is gearing up for a big welcome. The Voice lists the activities and events that will be held. The ongoing issue of hell week has now been brought to the attention of the administration, with both Campus Council and faculty holding meetings. On page two there is a satire piece about a shortage of 'History' in the History department - implying it as a resource which is being used up too fast. Another satire piece pokes fun at the housing system and campus room draw, portraying the system as a way to acquire entrance into a elite function. Gordon Medlock came to the College to speak about the Men's Liberation Movement, which rather than countering the Women's Liberation Movement, works in tandem with it. Murray Edelman, a visiting professor, gave a speech on the deceptive nature of political speech. The paper declares the College's performance of West Side Story a success. A good review is also given to Sean Connery's new film 'The Man Who Would Be King.' Award-winning cartoonist Tony Auth will be appearing at the College and talking about his work. There is an advertisement in the paper for SwissAir in which they offer to include free local transportation with your flight.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Parents weekend, hell week, Campus Council, satire, History department, student housing, Men's Liberation Movement, lectures, Sean Connery, The Man Who Would Be King, Tony Auth, SwissAir, advertisements


College student parents; Greek letter societies; Satire; Student housing; Men's movement; Political cartoons; Auth, Tony; Man who would be king (Motion picture); Swissair; Advertisements

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1976-05-07