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The headlining article in this edition of the Voice hones in on problems of alcohol abuse on campus. It takes opinions from both students and stuff, as well as clarifies the differences between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Possible causes for this abuse are also looked at. Next the tough job market competition is looked at, and Wooster's tools to help combat it are outlined. A student complains about the high heat in Holden lounge that cannot be combatted due to the windows being nailed shut. A column reminds students that although it the country's bicentennial (1975) they should not forget about the Native Americans who sacrificed their land. The complex College students seem to have where they believe they are beyond city and state laws/jurisdiction is explored, especially after an incident where a student drove over a city sidewalk and caused an accident on the road. A student reviews Richard Lester's film Robin and Marian, giving it good points for historical reenactment. There is a large ad on page 6 for Lila's Fabrics, showing what kind of dress you can create with their fabric.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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alcohol abuse, student life, job market, Holden Hall, native americans, 1973-1975 recession, Revolutionary War Bicentennial, student crime, student-city relations, Richard Lester, Robin and Mariam, Lila's Fabrics


College students--Alcohol use--Prevention; College students--Alcohol use--United States; Recessions--United States; College students--Employment--United States; Student housing; American Revolution Bicentennial, 1976; Indians of North America; College students--Legal status, laws, etc.--United States; Lester, Richard, 1932-; Advertisements; College newspapers; College athletics

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1976-04-23