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In this edition of the Voice, Dr. Warren Farrell gave a speech to the college community on “Men’s Liberation” where he encouraged his audience to examine the gender roles they play in their daily lives. The music group “Styx” is set to play a concert at the College. Five campus programs are chosen to receive houses for members. A new musical called “Drown the Wind,” written by members of the College’s english and music departments, premieres in Freedlander Theatre. An article discusses prank culture at Wooster, and recalls classic Wooster pranks such as, putting a car in the Arch. Additionally, students participate in the festivities of “Alfred E. Packard Day,” a fundraising event organized by students to raise money for the Challenge Account. The day celebrates Alfred E. Packard (also spelled ‘Packer’) who was the first man in American history to be arrested for cannibalism after he ate six people.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Dr. Warren Farrell, Men’s Liberation, gender roles, Styx, program houses, program houses, Drown the Wind, theatre, original musicals, original plays, english department musical, pranks, college pranks, Wooster pranks, Wooster Arch, Kauke Arch, car in the arch, car in the Kauke Arch, Alfred E. Packard Day, Packard Day, cannibalism, America’s first cannibal


Farrell, Warren; Men's movement; Sex role; Styx (Musical group); Student housing; College of Wooster. English Department; Practical jokes; Packer, Alfred, 1842-1907; Cannibalism

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1975-05-16