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This issue of the Wooster Voice features a report on the official establishment of a the "Abraham Lincoln Memorial Scholarship for Negro students at the College of Wooster." The fund was established to attract deserving high academic black students from the urban areas in which most such students were located. This was undertaken after realizing that the main barrier to black attendance at Wooster was high tuition, resulting in black students making up .35% of Wooster's undergraduate profile. Also featured on the first page is a report on elections of the Student Government Association, a student protest against a barber who refused to serve black customers in Ohio, and Wooster's Varsity Debate Club defending their title. Page 2 features a piece criticizing a previously published piece criticizing the Republican Mock convention held at Wooster, a piece calling for fundraising work for the new scholarship, and a piece criticizing organized write-in campaigns. Page 3 features a piece on a study abroad program in Latin America, a change in Wooster's plagiarism policy, and a call for seniors to join the Peace Corps. Page 4 features a report on the opening of a new art museum in New York City (Gallery of Modern Art), a piece remarking on how restrictive policies were for women attending the College of Wooster in 1912, and a call from the ACLU for students to stand up for their right to protest however they see fit in accordance with their first amendment rights. Page 5 is the sports section. Page 6 features continued articles and advertisements.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Racism, Scholarship, Race Relations, ACLU, Wooster Milestones, scholarship, Abraham Lincoln, SGA, Republican Mock convention, Peace Corps, study abroad, Gallery of Modern Art, protest


Racism; Scholarship; Race Relations; ACLU; College athletics; Peace Corps (U.S.); Scholarships; Study abroad

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1964-03-20