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This issue of the Wooster Voice features a liberalization to the College's class attendance policy, the introduction of a Russian Department, and the combining of the Men's and Women's Physical Education Departments. Also featured is a report on European student protests against the overthrow of governments in Central American being suppressed with violence. Page 2 features a call for Wooster students, alumni, and professors to avoid snobbery, distinguished from pride. Also featured is a letter fearing that recent financial and administrative support from both the Wooster Administration and the Wooster Student Government Association for NAACP activity at Wooster may undermine the peaceful integration present at Wooster. Page 3 features administrative calendar updates, a report on music soloists, and a call for charity. Page 4 features student commentary on the midterm break, car rentals, and a trip to Washington open to all. Page 5 consists of the sports section. Page 6 consists of continued articles and advertisements.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Race Relations, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Protest movements--United States, Music, Musical criticism, Political commentary series, Politics and culture, Entertainment events, protests, athletics, car rentals


Race Relations; National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Protest movements--United States;Music; Musical criticism;Political commentary series; Politics and culture;Entertainment events; College athletics

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1963-12-13