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This issue of the Wooster Voice features a poll on music preferences, an upcoming televised competition in a College Bowl in which Wooster participated in, a poll of Wooster finding of the Republican presidential candidates, Governor George Romney was the preferred candidate. Page 2 features a call for Wooster to do more to support "the Negro" in his struggle for a just society in the light of the Alabama church bombings. Also featured is a piece arguing that while the "Radical Right" is not a significant force in American politics, many Congressmen remain too sensitive to charges of not being sufficiently anti-Communist and vote against trade deals out of this fear rather than their true position. A piece criticizing modern Christianity, and a piece on civil rights at the College of Wooster is also featured on page 2. Page 3 features a call from the Wooster Student Government Association for Wooster students to right letters to Congressmen condemning the violence in Birmingham Alabama agains civil rights protestors, and letters in favor of increasing civil rights protections. Also featured is a visit from a portraitist, and a list of students winning academic honors. Page 4 features an article exploring the roots of Christianity, an advertisement for officer positions in the US Marine Corp, a review of Arthur Miller's The Crucible, and a report on plans for a future East Asia Seminar, a study abroad program at Wooster. Page 5 is the sports section. Page 6 is comprised of continued articles from previous sections and advertisements.

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United States. Marine Corps; Voting; Art; Christianity; Theater criticism; Theatre;


United States. Marine Corps; Voting; Art; Christianity; Theater criticism; Theatre;

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1963-11-15

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