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This first newspaper for the 1962-1963 school year opens up with an article about the enrollment numbers. A total of 1,385 students have registered to be a student here, fifty over the previous highest. Three speakers will be participating in the "Dialogue in Politics" program from October 23 to November 9. From October 5 to 6, the first Great Lakes College Association conference will be held at the college. The 1962 Index will likely not be ready until October. The Voice will be surveying the chapel attendance of the staff for the semester and will be publishing the results at the end of the semester. An architect has been authorized to study the property and come up with a building plan for a new men's dormitory to house the sections. On October 18, the Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater will be performing Verdi's La Traviata in the gymnasium. The Looking Ahead column gives a list of ways in which Wooster could be approved. This summer, Parker Myers and Mrs. H. Gray Multer passed away, they are honored in the memoriam column. There will be no cross country team this fall due to the lack of interest and skill. Pages four and five introduce the athletics teams and their updates. This years pipe band will consist of six members. Their uniform consists of new caps, feathers, plaids, belts and pipe ribbons. One of the new pipers will also be teaching Constitutional Law, Mr. David Funk. Freshman run-out has been vetoed by the Dean.

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enrollment, Dialogue in Politics, Great Lakes College Association, Index, Goldovsky Grand Opera Theater, memoriam, bagpipers, run-out, cross country, Mr. David Funk, memoriam, Parker Myers, Mrs. H. Gray Multer


College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements; Bagpipers; Student enrollment; Cross-country running; Opera

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1962-09-21