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Published on May 11 of 1962, this edition of the Wooster Voice is eight pages long. An article about the Color Day Queen, Lynne Owens, heads the paper. The schedule for the 58th annual Color Day celebration is included on the first page. The talks for commencement weekend, beginning June 8, will be given by Mr. William Craig, Professor Hans Jenny, and George Ernest Wright. All students who will be returning next year have to sign the the Honor Code on May 17 during registration. The WSGA has voted to end class segregation within the women's dorms. For the current sophomore class the following are the most popular majors: history, English, chemistry, and economics. Page four has an article written by Jim McGavran regarding the editors of the Wooster Alumni Bulletin. Egyptologist Dr. George R. Hughes, will be speaking on the topic of, "Archeologists in an Emergency," on Monday as the annual Robert Hayes Memorial Speaker. Pages six and seven are where the athletics section can be found. Those participating in the Wooster-in-Vienna program will leave on June 9th.

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Color Day, Color Day Queen, commencement, Honor Code, WSGA, Robert Hayes Memorial Speaker, Egyptology, Wooster Alumni Bulletin


College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements; Commencement ceremonies; Honor system; Alumni

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1962-05-11