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The first page highlights the Homecoming Queen Betty “Bea” Andrews and her court of 4 princesses, gives information about Homecoming weekend and talks of upcoming speakers at the Westminster Church to fulfill the religious interests of a greater number of students. Page 1 also lists the results of the student senate elections and talks about the rising costs of events and not having enough money in the budget to meet the senate’s obligations. Page two gives us various opinions pieces about the students collective grievance over having to show an ID card for meals, the cheerleaders not being loud enough and a look at conservative and liberal literature. It also features a piece on John Birch’s Mother who was a Wooster graduate. Page three reviews sporting news and lists upcoming sporting events. This page has a humorous advertisement titled Egg Nods which offers low price reproductions of best selling book covers so that you not feel embarrassed by your sparsely filled bookshelves. This page also gives a movie review and theatre times and has illustrated advertisements. Page four has a article about student patrolmen who direct students across Beall Avenue during lunch and dinner times and during home football games and warns that any student caught jaywalking when a patrolman is on duty will be given a $5 fine. The advertisements on this page are for local businesses and some have photos.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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homecoming Queen, student senate election results, John Birch, campus patrolmen, Beall avenue, student safety, movie reviews


Homecoming; College students; Advertising; College student newspapers and periodicals; Motion pictures--Reviews; College athletics; Advertisements

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1961-10-13