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This edition of the Wooster Voice was published March 8th, 1968. The Voice is a student run newspaper published at the College of Wooster. This issue headlines the appointment of Congressman Brad Morse (R) of Massachusetts as keynote speaker for the 1961 Mock Convention on campus. Also featured is a story on a proposed bill to change the draft by Senator Edward Kennedy (D) of Massachusetts and an interview with former Wooster pastor Beverly Asbury with current Wooster pastor Ray Swartzback. Another piece details a student response to the pamphlet and movement entitled: "Rebels Without a Program" which was an anti-student radicalist movement. A bulletin for an upcoming debate between atheist Madeline O'Hair and Swartzback on campus is also posted, O'Hair being the atheist who brought and won an objection to the Supreme Court against public prayer in schools. Page 2 is the opinion section. One article calls for improved communication especially between the administration and students on campus, particularly in light of the publication and controversy over the leftist Che journal. Also featured is a piece criticizing the selection of bands for a college funded event, and a piece arguing that many letters published by the Voice that critique Wooster are not valid critiques, since if the situation were as described, the authors would have left Wooster. Page 3 features several pieces about the debate over the role religion should play on the College of Wooster campus, in particular the policy of mandatory chapel attendance. Also featured is a theatre review. Page 4 continues the "Rebels Without a Program" critique. Page 5 also consists solely of continued articles and advertisements. Page 6 is the sports section.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Pastor Beverly Asbury, Pastor Ray Swartzback, Senator Edward Kennedy, Congressman Brad Morse, chapel attendance


Christianity; Draft; Atheism; Religion and civil society; College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1968-03-08