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Events on campus including the revealing of the Homecoming Queen Court take up the front page of this edition. There are articles about a visit from Governor Mike DiSalle, a performance of the Miami String Quartet, and the Student Senate providing a Car Rental Program. The second page gives the students opinions for and against the addition of Red China to the UN as well as their opinion on whether the College should decide whether or not they should stay church related in response to a talk by President Lowry. The Voice Editors took a stance on the issue stating “We are unalterably opposed to any plan which advocates severing church and college ties. We feel the consequences of such an act would narrow, not widen, the intellectual horizon. The effort to educate the whole man would be jeopardized.” Page three titled Campus in Action details student involvement In the Wooster Community with the The Boys Village Volunteer Program and the World with programs such as Crossroads Africa and Wooster-In-India. Page four has information on the Scot College Ring, Changes in the 1962 Yearbook and large advertisements for local businesses geared toward students. Page five reports the sports news and has illustrated advertisements. Page six finishes previous page articles and features more illustrated advertisements.

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College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Homecoming Queen Candidates, Governor Mike DiSalle, Church Related College, College Volunteer Programs, Student Christian Association, Red China, Illustrated Advertisements.


Christian universities and colleges; Homecoming; Voluntarism; Volunteer workers in Christian education; College newspapers; College athletics; Advertisements

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1961-10-06