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This is the November 1st, 1967 edition of of the Wooster Voice, a student run newspaper published at the College of Wooster. This issue features a conference on Latin America happening at Wooster the day of publication. Also featured is a refusal of freshman to participate in an annual hazing ritual of being run out of their dorms at 5:00AM on Saturday morning and simply remaining in their bunks behind locked doors. Also featured is a reactivation of the Young Republicans Wooster chapter and their backing of a local politician. Page 2 features a criticism of the irrational methods often used to reach opinions of social issues and a report from a Wooster faculty member on what she observed in a anti-Vietnam War protest in Washington DC. The protest was controversial at the College of Wooster because the Student Government Association allotted $100 (~$750 today) to the Student Action Committee for the purposes of attending the protest. Page 3 features a heavy criticism of a previous issue's column written by a student studying abroad in Lebanon that purported to explore the Arab psyche. The author, an Iranian native, argues that Arabs can recognize Israel's existence and that their refusal to do so is a result of their political leader's calculations, not some deep rooted sense of identity or religious reason. A second author also wrote regarding the piece, and this one agrees with the original piece. Page 4 features Dr. Hans Jenny's efforts with managing the College of Wooster's endowment fund. Page 5 features a report on a Wooster Archaeological dig in Pella, Jordan. Pages 6-7 are the sports section. Page 8 features continued letters to the editor over the freshmen refusal to participate in the annual hazing ritual.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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Wooster Runout, hazing, Young Republicans, Pella, archaeological excavation, Dr. Hans Jenny, study abroad, SGA, Vietnam War, protest


academic ceremonies; Hazing; Archeology; Vietnam War, 1961-1975; Protest movements--United States; Excavation

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1967-11-03