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This edition opens by discussing some recent changes in policy, regarding academics and otherwise. This includes edits to the structure of the Liberal Studies major, along with the potential revoking of a fine for skipping classes near breaks. The College hosted 10 Brazilian students who were doing college tours in the US. President Lowry announces plans to fix and improve both the on-campus bookstore and Hoover Cottage. The film Thistle, about a 13th century war will be screened at the College. A recent coup in Ghana is covered, with remarks on the instability of the government in the region. The Voice applauds the decision of the administration to eliminate the class-cutting before break fine. Page two contains numerous letters to the editor all looking at previous on-campus issues raised. There is a photograph of members of the synchronized swim club in costume. Page three is dedicated to sports. The Wooster wrestling team is doing well, making it to the OAC tournament. There is an advertisement on this page for a Beach Boys performance at the Canton Memorial Auditorium. On the final page there is a review of Warner Brother's film version of Othello, recently screened at the Wooster theater.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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policies, Liberal Studies, Brazil, international students, Hoover Cottage, bookstore, Thistle, Ghana, synchronized swimming, wrestling, The Beach Boys, Canton Memorial Auditorium, Othello


Bachelor of liberal studies; Students; Foreign; College buildings; College stores; College sports; Synchronized swimming; Beach Boys; Othello (Motion picture : 1965)

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1966-03-04