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The College begins its centennial celebration, which is headed off by Henry Luce, magazine magnate and head of the Editorial Board of Time, as well as the College's Board of Trustees. The celebrations for the occasion will be year-long. The main feature on the page is a photograph as well as an article detailing Wooster's 'March of Sympathy' for the recent murderous killings by white supremacists in Selma, Alabama in relation to the civil rights movement. The reaction of the town is poor. Those murdered were Reverend James J. Reeb and Jimmie Lee Jackson. The Voice interviewed students on the country's recent choice to invade Vietnam. At this point, most students believed in the cause. On page two the Voice staff give their view on the events in Selma, supporting the long overdue civil rights movement. Dr. Floyd Watts discusses public perception of Africa in a featured piece. The Voice also expresses a hopeful outlook for the future, putting focus on the success of Emphasis Africa as well as the recent march as a display of solidarity. An article near the bottom of the page lays bare the grim situation of South African apartheid. Page three is devoted to sports. It includes a feature on coverage of fraternity sport competitions, in this case, basketball. There is an advertisement placed for Madras Plaid by local clothier Brenner Bros. Madras Plaid was becoming popular at this time due to it preppy flavor, and the cloth originally hails from Chennai in India. On the final page 4, more photos are featured from Wooster's 'Sympathy March' as well as a large article covering a student's brother's experiences in South Vietnam. There is a large ad for the MG Sports Sedan, subtly contrasting it with the VW Beetle.

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Wooster, OH


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centennial, Henry Luce, Board of Trustees, civil rights movement, March of Sympathy, Selma, Dr. Floyd Watts, Africa, South Africa, apartheid, fraternity sports, Madras plaid, South Vietnam, Vietnam War, advertising, MG Sports Sedan


Luce, Henry, III, 1925-2005; Civil rights movements--United States; Reeb, James, 1927-1965; Selma (Ala.); Apartheid--South Africa; U.S. Army campaigns of the Vietnam War; Advertising; College athletics

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1965-03-19