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This issue of the newspaper beings with an announcement of the memorial services that were held for Dr. Charles F. Wishart, president emeritus. Wishart was president for 25 years, from 1919-1944.

Next, there is an announcement of the Wooster student body's reaction with action to the problem with civil rights that the country was facing at the time. The student body acted to support the sit-in strikes in the South with suggestions of raising money for CORE (Congress on Racial Equality), arranging for a student who was dismissed from a southern university to come to Wooster and tell his story (Marzette Watts), and arranging for a student or professor exchange with Fisk University. The students decided to start a group called "Challenge", to support the sit-in strike movement in any way possible. Their first step to action was to hold a students march downtown to raise money for the movement and for CORE. There also is the smallest amount of information regarding a conference in Raleigh, NC. The weekend after this issue was released, a group of students attended the Souther Christian Leadership Conference in North Carolina. The conference was led by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and the point of it was to teach non-violent protesting and discuss future strategies.

On the second page of this edition of the newspaper, there is a piece that discusses the responsibility that students (and people in general) have when it comes to racial equality and civil rights in the country.

In the student's forum, multiple letters discuss the climate on campus in regards to the sit-in strike debate and the issue of civil rights.

The issue ends with information about athletics and advertisements from local businesses.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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memorial, death, president, college, students, racial equality, civil rights, sit-ins, strikes, protesting, Martin Luther King Jr., athletics, advertisements


College newspapers; College athletics; Civil liberties; Social equality; Racial bias; Wishart, Charles Frederick, 1870-1960; Sit-ins (Civil rights)

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1960-04-15