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Ambassador to the United States from the Philippines, Carlos Romulo is scheduled to speak at the chapel on February 16th. However, it is uncertain if he will be able to make it to Wooster by then, since he was called to the Philippines a few weeks ago and does not know when he will return. The students have been complaining about the quality of food, mostly about its starchiness, and the poor quality of Sunday night suppers. Eligible to Wooster sophomores and juniors, the Institute of Politics established a ''Summer Congressional Fellowship" where a student will spend 10 weeks of the summer in the office of a United States Senator or Representative. Mr. Robert J. Cope, Director of Admissions, describes the ideal student: "The ability to get along with others, a social sense...a sincere desire to do his best...the ability to be serious, to concentrate, but the capacity to enjoy himself... (and) he must be able to accept situations he cannot change and have the courage to change those things which can be changed."

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Carlos Romulo, Ambassador to the United States from the Philippines, poor food quality, starchiness, mystery meat, Institute of Politics, Summer Congressional Fellowship, United States Senator, Representative, sophomores, juniors, Mr. Robert J. Cope, Director of Admissions, ideal student


College athletics; College newspapers; Senators (United States); Members of Congress (United States House of Representatives);

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1959-02-13