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The city has vetoed the proposal of traffic lights at the intersections of Wayne Ave/Beall Ave, and Beall Ave/University St. They believe that cars would increase their speed in order make the green lights, leading only to more danger for pedestrians. Political Science major Keith Henry went to Washington D.C. between semesters in order to participate in the Young Republican Leadership Training School. The Girl's Chorus will be traveling to Cleveland to perform at the Old Stone Church and the Church of the Covenant on February 12th. Fiske University in Nashville, Tennessee sent two students to Wooster, Herron Halton and Jim Parish. Two Wooster students, Eleanor Norfleet and Jean Garrett, have been sent in return to Fiske for the winter. There is debate as to whether or not President Eisenhower will run for another term considering he recently suffered a heart attack. President Lowry has accepted an invitation from the alumni clubs to come to the Pacific Coast for meetings.

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The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


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traffic signals, Young Republican Leadership Training School, Keith Henry, Washington D.C., Girls' Chorus, Cleveland, Old Stone Church, Church of the Covenant, Fiske University, exchange program, President Eisenhower, President Lowry, Pacific Coast


College newspapers; College athletics; Traffic signs and signals; Republican; Chorus; United States. President (1953-1961 : Eisenhower)

The Wooster Voice (Wooster, OH), 1956-02-10