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This edition of the newspaper includes an article titled A Message From Mars: A Monologue, which discusses the second number of the Lecture Course given by Adrian M. Newsans in the Memorial Chapel. The second page of this edition includes a section titled Of Interest, which consists of smaller sub-sections on local items, personals and the calendar for that week. Another article describes the upcoming festivities for the annual fall reunion of Alumni, encouraging students to attend An article also encourages students to attend the big carnival that is coming up shortly after Thanksgiving by discussing the highlights of such an event. A section titled Library Notes proves to be an interesting read and it recommends a number of must read articles to the student body. The editorial in this edition of the newspaper states that the section on Library Notes will now be included in every edition of the Voice. The last two pages of the newspaper include advertisements from local businesses, specifically E. Paumier and Freelanders’ - The Young Man’s Store.

Publication Date



The College of Wooster


Wooster, OH


No Copyright - United States


A Message From Mars, Monologue, Lecture Course, Memorial Chapel, Annual Fall Reunion of Alumni, Library Notes, Carnival, historical advertisements


College athletics; College newspapers; Monologue; Carnival; Alumnae and alumni

Wooster voice. (Wooster, Ohio), 1908-11-10

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