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Luke Kosowatz

U.S Experience to 1877

Final Podcast Summary

Prof. Baumgartner

For my final podcast project, I chose to analyze the institution of slavery during the American Revolutionary era. I began with talking a bit about the institution of slavery; its origins, a few background statistics, and how it contradicted the basic rights and freedoms that the U.S country held above everything else. I also discussed the roles that African-Americans played in the war. While the U.S claimed to be the land of the free and equal opportunity for all individuals, slavery was still practiced up until the Civil War. This shows the main contradiction of the era, as slaves existed even after the U.S was established on the principles of liberty and equality.

Luke Kosowatz Podcast Script.docx (101 kB)
Here is the script to my Podcast Project.

Luke Kosowatz Podcast Script.docx (101 kB)