Submissions from 2020


Inclusive Comparisons for Undergraduates in Archaeology: Representation and Diversity in and Beyond the Classroom, Olivia Navarro-Farr


Science 101: Teaching Scientific Anthropology in the Age of “Alternative” Facts, Olivia Navarro-Farr


Ancient Maya Queenship: Generations of Crafting State Politics and Alliance Building from Kaanul to Waka', Olivia Navarro-Farr, Keith Eppich, David A. Freidel, and Griselda Perez Robles


Expanding the canon: Lady K'abel the Ix Kaloomte ’ and the political narratives of classic Maya Queens, Olivia Navarro-Farr, Mary Kate Kelly, Michelle Rich, and Griselda Pérez Robles

Submissions from 2019


Teaching Data Reproducibility through Service Learning, Anne Nurse and Trish Staiger

Submissions from 2017


Construction of the Offender in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training for Adults, Anne Nurse

Submissions from 2014

14 Archaeological Legacies of Knowledge, Pamela R. Frese

Submissions from 2013


Fitting In: Archaeology and Community in Athienou, Cyprus, P. Nick Kardulias


The Shifting Landscape of Amish Agriculture: Balancing Tradition and Innovation in an Organic Farming Cooperative, Matthew J. Mariola and David L. McConnell


Juveniles And College: Inside Out as a Way Forward, Anne M. Nurse

Submissions from 2012

Punctual Selves, Punctual Death and the Health-Conscious Cogito: Descartes' Dead Bodies, Thomas F. Tierney

Submissions from 2011

World-Systems Analysis and Archaeology: Continuing the Dialogue, T. D. Hall, P. Nicholas Kardulias, and C. Chase-Dunn

Horizontal Dynamics in Transnational Activism: the Case of Nu River Anti-Dam Activism in China, Setsuko Matsuzawa

Culture and Power in The Anthropology of Japan, David L. McConnell

Submissions from 2010

The Facts and fictions of Rockshelter Function, Nigel Brush, P. Nicholas Kardulias, and S. Donaldson

World Systems Theory, P. Nicholas Kardulias

The Governmentality of Suicide: Peuchet, Marx, Durkheim, and Foucault, Thomas F. Tierney

Submissions from 2006


Mask Making: Incorporating Service Learning in Criminology and Deviance Courses, Anne Nurse and Matthew Krain