Associate Professor - Anthropology and Sociology [Department Chair]: Setsuko Matsuzawa

The Sociology and Anthropology Department supports majors in Sociology and Anthropology.

Anthropology majors complete courses in research methods and theory, as well as electives in subjects as diverse as linguistic anthropology, evolutionary theory, magic, witchcraft & religion and gender & sexuality studies. Anthropology also offers substantial opportunity to study off-campus, with semesters (or sometimes even a year) spent in Australia, Samoa, Nepal, Ecuador, Scotland and Namibia. Recent IS topics include investigation of the oral tradition in Ohio, the relationship between poverty and tuberculosis in Ecuador and the significance of dreams to Sioux tribes.

A major in Sociology combines core coursework in theory and research methods with a broad range of electives. Sociology faculty specialize in topics such as inequality, race and ethnicity, gender, medical systems, the Amish, welfare reform and criminology. Recent IS topics in Sociology have included an analysis of college dating behavior and a study of the effects of athletic participation on academic performance.

The Sociology and Anthropology Department is based in Kauke Hall.


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