My appearance is the most important part of who I am: appearance schema and body perception in female college student

Meghana Shrestha, The College of Wooster


The main purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between appearance schematic individuals and their body perception. It was hypothesized that the high appearance schematic group would show higher body dissatisfaction and that they would be more critical in perceiving the female avatars as opposed to the low appearance schematic group. Forty female college students volunteered in the study. Participant who scored high in Appearance Schematic Inventory-Revised were assigned to the high appearance schematic group and participants who scored low in ASI-R were assigned to the low appearance schematic (also known as aschematic) group. 20 participants scored above the median score and 20 participants scored below the median score. However, the result of the study did not support the hypothesis and did not show any relationship between high appearance schematic and critical body perception. The findings of the current study are discussed along with limitations and future directions.