Date with culture: the roles of cultural values and personality traits in emerging adults' dating attitudes and sociosexual behavior

Valeriya G. Spektor, The College of Wooster


The present study aimed to better understand factors influencing sociosexual behaviors and dating attitudes of emerging adults, as well as the significant contribution of the relationships between cultural values, personality, and attitudes in predicting sociosexual outcomes. A total of 197 (145 female; 52 male) participants between the ages of 18-24 completed an online survey containing measures of personality, cultural values, dating attitudes, and sociosexual behavior. Regression analyses conducted separately for each gender revealed mediated and direct relationships between the independent variables and sociosexuality. Specifically, conscientiousness, extraversion, and the desire for commitment significantly predicted sociosexual behaviors in women, while extraversion, future-time orientation, and the desire for commitment were significant predictors for men. Implications and directions for future research were discussed.