Submissions from 2017

Transformation of Experience: Toward a New Relationship with Nature: New experiences of nature, Susan Clayton, Agathe Colleony, Pauline Conversy, and Etienne Maclouf

Public Support for Biodiversity After a Zoo Visit: Environmental Concern, Conservation Knowledge, and Self-Efficacy, Susan Clayton, Anne-Caroline Prevot, Laurent Germain, and Michel Saint-Jalme

Neural correlates of memory encoding and recognition for own-race and other-race faces in an associative-memory task, Grit Herzmann, Greta Minor, and Makenzie Adkins

Applying the Relative Acculturation Extended Model to Examine Black Americans’ Perspectives on African Immigrant Acculturation, Barbara Thelamour

Exploring Black Immigrants’ and Nonimmigrants’ Understanding of “Acting Black” and “Acting White”, Barbara Thelamour and Deborah J. Johnson

Submissions from 2016

Expanding the role for psychology in addressing environmental challenges, Susan Clayton, Patrick Devine-Wright, Janet Swim, Mirilia Bonnes, Linda Steg, Lorraine Whitmarsh, and Amanda Carrico

Increased N250 amplitudes for other-race faces reflect more effortful processing at the individual level, Grit Herzmann

Submissions from 2015

Item Response Theory Analyses of the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT), Sun-Joo Cho, Jeremy Wilmer, Grit Herzmann, Rankin Williams McGugin, Daniel Fiset, Ana E. Van Gulick, Kaitlin F. Ryan, and Isabel Gauthier

Psychological Research and Global Climate Change, Susan Clayton, Patrick Devine-Wright, Paul C. Stern, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Amanda Carrico, Linda Steg, Janet Swim, and Mirilia Bonnes

Global climate change attitudes and perceptions among south American zoo visitors, Jerry F. Luebke, Susan Clayton, Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, and Alejandro Grajal

Historical evidence for nature disconnection in a 70-year time series of Disney animated films, Anne-Caroline Prevot-Julliard, Romain Julliard, and Susan Clayton

Submissions from 2014

Prenatal visual experience induces postnatal motor laterality in Japanese quail chicks (Coturnix coturnix japonica): Laterality in Quail, Michael B. Casey and Merry J. Sleigh

Can Training Enhance Face Cognition Abilities in Middle-Aged Adults?, Dominika Dolzycka, Grit Herzmann, Werner Sommer, and Oliver Wilhelm

Climate Change Attitudes of Zoo and Aquarium Visitors: Implications for Climate Literacy Education, Lisa-Anne DeGregoria Kelly, Jerry F. Luebke, Susan Clayton, Carol D. Saunders, Jennifer Matiasek, and Alejandro Grajal

Language Familiarity, Expectation, and Novice Musical Rhythm Production, John G. Neuhoff and Pascale Lidji

Familiarity, Expertise, and Change Detection: Change Deafness is Worse in Your Native Language, John G. Neuhoff, Steven A. Schott, Adam J. Kropf, and Emily M. Neuhoff

Using single-trial EEG to predict and analyze subsequent memory, Eunho Noh, Grit Herzmann, Tim Curran, and Virginia R. de Sa

Contraceptive Attitudes and Sexual Self-Esteem Among Young Adults: Communication and Quality of Relationships with Mothers, Heidi R. Riggio, Bobbie Galaz, Amber L. Garcia, and Brigitte K. Matthies

Influence of anxiety, depression and looming cognitive style on auditory looming perception, John H. Riskind, Evan M. Kleiman, Erich Seifritz, and John Neuhoff

The Consequences of Perceived Discrimination for Psychological Well-Being: A Meta-Analytic Review, Michael T. Schmitt, Nyla R. Branscombe, Tom Postmes, and Amber Garcia

Prenatal sensory experience affects hatching behavior in domestic chicks (Gallus gallus) and Japanese quail chicks (Coturnix coturnix japonica): Hatching Behavior, Merry J. Sleigh and Michael B. Casey

Submissions from 2013

Erratum: Homeowner Attitudes and Practices towards Residential Landscape Management in Ohio, USA, T. W. Blaine, Susan Clayton, P. Robbins, and P. S. Grewal

Making Sense of The Senseless: Identity, Justice, and the Framing of Environmental Crises, Susan Clayton, Amanda Koehn, and Emily Grover

Psychological Science, Conservation, and Environmental Sustainability, Susan Clayton, C. Litchfield, and E. S. Geller

Connecting to Nature at the Zoo: Implications for Responding to Climate Change, Susan Clayton, J. Luebke, C. Saunders, J. Matiasek, and A. Grajal

Evidence-Based Assessment of Childhood Injuries and Physical Risk-Taking Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia and K. J. Brown Kirschman

Undergraduate Men's Use of Performance- and Appearance-Enhancing Substances: an Examination of the Gateway Hypothesis, Bryan T. Karazsia, J. H. Crowther, and R. Galioto

Thinking Meta-Theoretically about the Role of Internalization in the Development of Body Dissatisfaction and Body Change Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia, M. H. M. van Dulmen, Kendal Wong, and J. H. Crowther

Hand Preference for Tool-Use in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus Apella) is Associated with Asymmetry of the Primary Motor Cortex, K. A. Phillips and Claudia R. Thompson

Invitation to Earth Stewardship, N. F. Sayre, R. Kelty, M. Simmons, Susan Clayton, K. Kassam, S. T. Pickett, and F. S. Chapin III

Mindfulness-Based Treatment of Aggression in Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: a Waiting List Control Study, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, Bryan T. Karazsia, A. S. W. Winton, R. E. Myers, A. N. A. Singh, A. D. A. Singh, and J. Singh

A Mindfulness-Based Smoking Cessation Program for Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disability, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, A. S. W. Winton, Bryan T. Karazsia, A. D. A. Singh, A. N. A. Singh, and J. Singh

Mindfulness Training for Teachers Changes the Behavior of their Preschool Students, N. N. Singh, G. E. Lancioni, A. S. W. Winton, Bryan T. Karazsia, and J. Singh

Free Public Species Naming to Promote Proenvironmental Behavior?, A. Veijalainen and Susan Clayton

Submissions from 2012

Homeowner Attitudes and Practices Towards Residential Landscape Management in Ohio, Usa, T. W. Blaine, Susan Clayton, P. Robbins, and P. S. Grewal

Will People Act to Mitigate Climate Change?, Susan Clayton

Attachment Style Differences and Depression in African American and European American College Women: Normative Adaptations?, E. L. Cooley and Amber L. Garcia

Familial and Peer Modeling and Verbal Commentary: Associations with Muscularity-Oriented Body Dissatisfaction and Body Change Behaviors, R. Galioto, Bryan T. Karazsia, and J. H. Crowther

Latinos' Perceptions of Interethnic Couples, Amber L. Garcia, H. R. Riggio, S. Palavinelu, and L. L. Culpepper

Supervision to Prevent Childhood Unintentional Injury: Developmental Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Count, S. M. Guilfoyle, B. T. Karazsia, D. L. Langkamp, and B. G. Wildman

The Mediating Role of Hyperactivity and Inattention on Sex Differences in Paediatric Injury Risk, Bryan T. Karazsia, S. M. Guilfoyle, and B. G. Wildman

Graduate Admissions in Pediatric Psychology: the Importance of Undergraduate Training, Bryan T. Karazsia and C. M. McMurtry

Strength and Physical Fitness Predict the Perception of Looming Sounds, John G. Neuhoff, Katherine L. Long, and Rebecca C. Worthington

Feeling Threatened about the Future: Whites' Emotional Reactions to Anticipated Ethnic Demographic Changes, H. R. Outten, M. T. Schmitt, D. A. Miller, and Amber L. Garcia

Submissions from 2011

Evidence for Impaired Sound Intensity Processing in Schizophrenia, D. R. Bach, K. Buxtorf, W. K. Strik, John G. Neuhoff, and E. Seifritz

The Psychological Impacts of Global Climate Change, T. J. Doherty and Susan Clayton

Environmentally Focused Psychologies, T. J. Doherty, Susan D. Clayton, S. E. Handwerker, C. Manning, and G. H. Wilmoth

The Predictive Validity of Injury Proxies: Predicting Early Adolescent Injuries with Assessments of Minor Injuries, Bryan T. Karazsia and M. H. M. Van Dulmen

Human Behavioral Contributions to Climate Change: Psychological and Contextual Drivers, J. K. Swim, Susan Clayton, and G. S. Howard

Psychology's Contributions to Understanding and Addressing Global Climate Change, J. K. Swim, P. C. Stern, T. J. Doherty, Susan Clayton, J. P. Reser, E. U. Weber, R. Gifford, and G. S. Howard

Submissions from 2010

Sociocultural and Psychological Links to Men'S Engagement in Risky Body Change Behaviors, Bryan T. Karazsia and J. H. Crowther

Assessing Injuries with Proxies: Implications for Understanding Concurrent Relations and Behavioral Antecedents of Pediatric Injuries, B. T. Karazsia and M. H. M. VanDulmen