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This book, originally from the library of Wallace Notestein, has a compilation of approximately thirty-five pamphlets. The included pamphlets are listed below.

"Good Newes From Colonel Hollis His Regiment"

"The Order and Forme for Church Government"

"The Reasons of the House of Commons"

"An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament"

"The Form of Church-Government to be used in the Church of England and Ireland"

"A True Relation of the Unparalleled breach of Parliament (as is conceivd) by His Majesty, on Tuesday the 4 of January 1641"

"Two Petitions of the Lords and Commons to His Majestie. Febr. 2. 1641"

"The Kings Cabinet opened: or Certain Packets of Secret Letters & Papers"

"A True and ful Relation of the Officers and Armies forcible seising of divers Eminent Members Of the Commons House"

"The Marquesse of Ormond's Declaration Proclaiming Charles the Second, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland"

"The Second Part of Englands New-Chaines Discovered"

"A Declaration of the Lords and Commons Assembled in Parliament"

"A Short and True Relation of the life and death of Sir Thomas Wentworth"

"His Majesties Message to the Lords and Commons in Parliament, Sept. 5"

"The Proceedings of the Army under the Command of Sir Thomas Fairfax"

"The Several Speeches of Duke Hamilton Earl of Cambridg, Henry Earl of Holland, and Arthur Lord Capel."

"The Answer of Both Houses of Parliament, Presented to His Majestie at Yorks the ninth of May, 1642"

"A true and perfect Relation of The manner of the apprehension and taking of 46. rebellious Cavalliers at Brackly in Northamptonshire..."

"The Two Last Speeches of Thomas Wentworth, Late & ARLE of Strafford, and Deaputy of Ireland"

"The Good and Prosperous Successe of the Parliaments Forces in Yorkshire"

"The Declaration or Remonstrance of The Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled"

"Master Percies Letter written to the Earle of Northumberland"

"The Examination of Captaine William Legg, taken upon Oath before the Lords Committees upon Saturday the 30 of October, 1641"

"The Examination of Sir John Coniers, taken upon Oath before the Lords Committees upon Friday the 29 of October 1641"

"The Oath taken by the Parliament of England"

"The Articles and Charge of the Armie"

"A perfect Lift of forty eight Members of Parliament Seized on by the Army"

"A true Relation of the manner of taking of the Earl of Northhampton, and 60 Cavalliers"

"Three Letters, From the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Fairfax, Lieut. Gen Crumwell and the Committee refiding in the Army"

"To the Kings most Excellent Majesty"

"A Seasonable, Legall, and Historicall Vindication"

"His Majesties Declaration to All His Loving Subjects"

"A Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving, to be used on Sunday September the 9th"

"A Declaration of the Lords and Commons in Parliament"

"Three Worthy Particulars"

"A Message from the Royal prisoner at Windsor"

"Packets of Letters from Scotland, Berwick, Newcastle and York, to Members of the House of Commons"

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London, England


No Copyright - United States


Colonel Hollis, Regiment, Episcopacy, Mr. Grimstons, John Pym, Parliament, House of Commons, Captain Hyde, Thomas Fairfax, Colonel Jones, Joseph Hunscot, John Wright


Notestein, Wallace, 1878-1969; Colonell in the Army; Order; Petitions; Letters; Pym, John, 1584-1643; Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax, Baron, 1560-1640; Jones, Michael, -1649; Hamilton, James Hamilton, Duke of, 1606-1649; Holland, Henry Rich, Earl of, 1590-1649



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