Submissions from 2013

Neonatal Handling Alters The Development of The Adrenocortical Response to Stress in a Wild Songbird (Eastern Bluebird, Sialia Sialis), Sharon E. Lynn, Michael D. Kern, and Megan M. Phillips

Submissions from 2012

Problems with Using Ptilochronology to Measure the Growth and Nutritional Status of Nestling Bluebirds, Emily K. Elderbrock, Michael D. Kern, and Sharon E. Lynn

Submissions from 2011

The Timing of Life-History Stages Across Latitudes in Zonotrichia Sparrows, A. M. Class, H. Wada, Sharon E. Lynn, and I. T. Moore

Organism-Environment Interactions in a Changing World: a Mechanistic Approach, J. C. Wingfield, J. PatrickKelley, F. Angelier, O. Chastel, F. Lei, Sharon E. Lynn, B. Miner, and J. E. Davis

Submissions from 2010

A Single Exposure to an Acute Stressor has Lasting Consequences for the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal Response to Stress in Free-Living Birds, Sharon E. Lynn, Leslie E. Prince, and Megan M. Phillips

Food, Stress, and Reproduction: Short-Term Fasting Alters Endocrine Physiology and Reproductive Behavior in the Zebra Finch, Susan E. Lynn, Teresa B. Stamplis, William T. Barrington, Nicholas Weida, and Caey A. Hudak