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The full title for this book is "Twentieth Century Etiquette: An Up-To-Date Book for Polite Society Containing Rules for Conduct in Public, Social and Private Life, at Home and Abroad including suggestions for oriental teas, church festivals, charity socials, costume parties, bazaars, Germans, indoor games, outdoor sports, tally-ho parties, masquerades, etc., etc. also correct dress for weddings, receptions, and all other occasions designed for both men and women, young and old." This second section of the book includes chapters about "Telephoning-Business and Social," "Social Etiquette at Washington," "Calling-When and How," "Dinners and Luncheons," "Etiquette at the Table," "Receptions, Lectures, Church, Etc.," "Costume Parties and What to Wear," "Dress-Its Attractiveness and Appropriateness," "Correspondence-Business and Social," "Horseback Riding and Driving," "Cycling, Golf, Dancing and Games," "Courtship and Its Demands," "Weddings and How to Conduct Them," "Anniversaries and How to Celebrate Them," and "Traveling-Home and Abroad."

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etiquette, manners, telephone calls, Washington etiquette, visiting, entertainments, costume parties, clothing, dress, dressing, correspondence, horseback riding, sports, courtship, dating, weddings, anniversaries, traveling, traveling abroad


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Etiquette--United States; Telephone calls; Dinners and dining; Visiting cards; Amusements; Clothing and dress; Wedding etiquette--United States; Travel

Twentieth Century Etiquette (Part 2)