Etiquette--United States; Manners and customs; Etiquette for children and teenagers; Etiquette for young women;



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The full title for this book is "Twentieth Century Etiquette: An Up-To-Date Book for Polite Society Containing Rules for Conduct in Public, Social and Private Life, at Home and Abroad including suggestions for oriental teas, church festivals, charity socials, costume parties, bazaars, Germans, indoor games, outdoor sports, tally-ho parties, masquerades, etc., etc. also correct dress for weddings, receptions, and all other occasions designed for both men and women, young and old." This first section of the book contains chapters entitled "The Makers of Manners," "The Test of the Lady and Gentleman," "Importance of Social Observances," "Home-The Life Immortal," "Little Folks-Their Entertainment and Dress," "Self-Consciousness-How to Overcome It," "Introductions-Their Importance," "Greeting and Leavetaking," "Conversation," "Etiquette of School Days," "Going Into Society," "Misses and Unmarried Women," "What Etiquette Demands of a Gentleman," "Obligations of Bachelors," and "Etiquette in the Street."

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manners, ladies, gentlemen, social observances, children, self-consciousness, shyness, introductions, greetings, leavetakings, conversation, school etiquette, entering society, debut, debutante, misses, street etiquette

Twentieth Century Etiquette (Part 1)