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The author says in the preface that this book, "...endeavors to set before the reader several striking Scripture characters, with such comments on each as may be calculated to impress truth, and enforce the great lessons of morality and religion. For an evident purpose these characters are taken from the order in which they are found in the Bible, and transposed to suit the purpose had in view, in the selection of the group; and it is believed that there will be found here nothing to vitiate the taste, deprave the morals, or wound the heart." As this preface indicates, the author takes the women of the Bible to demonstrate a series of morals intended for women: Jephthah's daughter as the Dutiful Daughter, Rebekah as the Good Mother, Rachel to explain the married state, Ruth and Naomi for the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Hannah as the Praying Mother, the Queen of Sheba for female education, Abigail as the Disappointed One, Delilah as the Unfaithful Woman, Sarah and Hagar for married life, and Dorcas as the Sister of Charity.

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The  Young Woman's Friend; or the Duties, Trials, Loves, and Hopes of Woman