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The preface of the first volume says that, "This course of instruction sums up for its readers the substance of the truest good form. It teaches society's customs intelligently, it treats society topics thoroughly, it offers helps for social perplexities. In the scope of its subject matter it includes everything which could rightly be placed between the covers of a practical work on etiquette, while in the unique manner of presenting this matter it has accomplished something never attempted before." This second volume is organized into four more books, dedicated to "Ceremonious Occasions", "Entertainments, Formal and Informal", "The Home and Family", and "Men and Their Manners." "Ceremonious Occasions" discusses etiquette for events like christenings, weddings, and funerals. "Entertainments, Formal and Informal" discusses social gatherings like receptions, dinners, balls, and theater and opera parties. "The Home and Family" discusses hosts and guests, house parties, the engaged girl, children, and servants. "Men and Their Manners" discusses men's clothing and the bachelor as host.

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The New York Society of Self-Culture


New York, NY


etiquette, etiquette guide, christenings, weddings, wedding etiquette, funerals, receptions, dinners, luncheons, balls, musicales, theatre, opera, home and family, engaged girl, hosts, guests, house parties, children, servants, men's clothing, bachelors


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Etiquette--United States; Manners and customs; Church etiquette; Mourning etiquette; Wedding etiquette; Clothing and dress; Correct social usage

Correct Social Usage Volume 2: A Course of Instruction in Good Form Style and Deportment by Eighteen Distinguished Authors