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This volume is intended to be a concise but comprehensive guide to etiquette, and according to its author its purpose is, "To present the rules and usages which govern and mould the most refined society of America, and to impart that information by which any one may be enabled to acquire the perfect ease of a gentleman, or the gentler manners of a well-bred lady, so that their presence will be sought for, and they will not only learn that great art of being thoroughly at home in all society, but will possess that rarer gift of making every one around them feel easy, contented and happy." This second section of the book contains chapters about the home, domestic etiquette, table etiquette, miscellaneous etiquette, Washington Etiquette, business, wedding anniversaries, funerals, dress, "harmony of color in dress," toilette, beauty, servants, decor, amusements, children's etiquette, baptism etiquette, precious stones, flowers, gardening, furnishing the home, and books.

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King, Richardson & Co.


Springfield, MA


etiquette guide, etiquette handbook, the home, domestic etiquette, miscellaneous etiquette, Washington etiquette, anniversaries, funerals, dress, clothing, toilette, beauty, servants, decor, home decoration, amusements, baptism


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Manners, Culture and Dress of the Best American Society (Part Two)