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The Universal Self Instructor is an extensive, "universal" guide for life that was published in 1883. In the preface, the author writes, "The Reading Public has been amply supplied for years with reference books of every description, but the present volume may be said to occupy a field peculiarly its own, as the people have never before been furnished with a publication embracing in a single volume such a quantity of practical information, and treating the wants of every-day life in a lucid, instructive and agreeable manner." After this, the author writes, "It has been the aim of the Publishers to produce a work that will become a standard authority on the matters its contains, and no labor or expense has been spared to make it the most attractive and useful book of its kind ever published." The book is divided into two sections. The second part of the book includes articles on subjects that range from the domestic circle, to food in season, to the heads of principal nations, to social etiquette, and many other articles.

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Thomas Kelly


New York, NY


dancing, games, duty, food, history, business, letter writing, religion, calendar, etiquette, manners, countries, flowers


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Games; Duty; Food; History; Business; Letter writing; Religion; Calendar; Etiquette; Flowers; Thomas Kelly

The Universal Self Instructor: An Epitome of Forms and General Reference Manual - Illustrated (Part Two)