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J. Thain Davidson dedicated this book, "To the thousands of young men who within the past quarter of a century have spent a little time under my ministry in Islington, and are now scattered to all parts of the world." It is a collection of sermons published in the hopes that young men could be saved from the "fatal whirlpool" of temptation, with each lecture prefaced by one verse of scripture. In this first section of the book, Davidson discusses that a good character is worth more than wealth, that a love of pleasure can lead to poverty, and that it is better to avoid sin and sacrifice money than to protect one's own wealth at the cost of one's character. Davidson also discusses the dangers and temptations for young men in cities, the virtue of the pluck exhibited by the eleven men who helped David avoid King Saul in the Old Testament. the dangers of reckless or zealous behavior, and the excellence of the bravery modeled by Gideon.

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Hodder and Stroughton


London, England


young men, cities, Christianity, virtue, bravery, character, riches, temptation, betting, gambling


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Christianity; Young men; Cities and towns--Religious aspects--Christianity; Temptation; University of London press; Hodder and Stoughton

A Good Start: A Book for Young Men (Part One)