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The full title of this book is, Room at the Top: or, How to Reach Success, Happiness, Fame and Fortune. According to the author, "The aim of this book is to set forth in plain, practical words, the best and truest course to pursue to reach the highest aims and ends of life--SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, FAME AND FORTUNE." Craig goes on to write that if the audience of this book, young men, follow its teachings faithfully, then the book will be a guide and friend. Furthermore, "The Biographical Sketches will show him what self-taught, hard-working, earnest men have accomplished, and act as an incentive to perseverance and determination in the effort to conquer all obstacles." The contents of the book are divided into sections: Success and Happiness, Self-Made Men, and Rules for Behavior. "Success and Happiness" is the most extensive section of the book, with over 60 works from various well-known authors. This section accounts for just under half of the book. The rest of the book follows in a similar fashion, with different works from different authors for the purpose of guiding young men to the path of success and fortune.

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W. G. Holmes


Chicago, IL


success, happiness, fame, fortune, guidebook, young men


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Success; Happiness; Fame; Fortune; W. G. Holmes

Room at the Top: Or, How to Reach Success, Happiness, Fame and Fortune