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This book was co-written by a mother and daughter as a guide to improving social etiquette, and the authors say in the dedication: "Men and women- women, in particular- to whom changed circumstances or removal from secluded homes to fashionable neighborhood involved the necessity of altered habits of social intercourse; girls, whose parents are content to live and move in the deep ruts in which they and their forbears were born; people of humble lineage and rude bringing up, who yet have longings and tastes for gentlehood and for the harmony and beauty that go with really good breeding- these make up the body of our clientele."

This second part of the book covers topics like mourning, table etiquette, home etiquette, hotels and boarding-houses, "Mrs. Newlyrich and her Social Duties," children, neighbors, church etiquette, courtesy for elders, the relationship between mistress and maid, finances and allowances, and self-help.

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The Bobbs-Merrill Company


Indianapolis, IN


etiquette, social climbing, hospitality, mourning etiquette, sports, public spaces, hotels, boarding houses, children, neighbors, church etiquette, elders, maids, servants, finances, allowances, self-help, self-improvement, social adjustment


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Etiquette; Etiquette in literature; Manners; Debutantes; Bachelors; Bobbs-Merrill Company; Etiquette--United States; Self-culture; Mourning etiquette; Hotels, motels, etc; Etiquette for children and teenagers; Household employees; Finance

Everyday Etiquette (Part Two)