Letter writing--Handbooks, manuals, etc; Marriage proposals; Betrothal; Condolence notes; Social stationery; Forms (Law)



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The New Standard Business and Social Letter-Writer is described on the title page as an illustrated guide to, "Business, family, and social correspondence, refined love-letters, marriage proposals, acceptances and refusals, etiquette, synonyms, legal forms, etc. Alphabets showing different styles of lettering communications from noted people." The volume is separated into eight parts, each with a various number of chapters or topics. Each topic contains sample letters of various types.

This section of the book continues the section about correspondence about marriage. Chapter two of the marriage portion of the book discusses letters "to and from parents, guardians, friends, etc., in reference to marriage matters," mostly discussing asking fathers or guardians for permission to become engaged. The next chapter of this section discusses letters between engaged people, from "a gentleman offering a present to his fiancee" to "a lady to her fiancé, of whom she is jealous." The last chapter of the marriage section discusses breaking off engagements.

Part four covers "social intercourse," including requesting and granting instructions and favors, congratulations, condolences, and invitations and regrets. Part five shows "how to address in writing the president of the United States, members of his Cabinet and other high officials." Part six covers "the correct forms of visiting cards, invitations, etc." Part seven discusses legal forms, such as bills of sale, mortgage, leases, and wills. Part eight contains miscellaneous material, such as abbreviations for commercial correspondence and the use of punctuation marks.

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marriage correspondence, proposals, engagements, engaged people, letters between fiancee and fiancé, breaking off engagements, favors, instructions, congratulations, condolences, invitations and regrets, president, cabinet, visiting cards, invitation cards, legals forms, bill of sale, will, lease, mortgage, commercial abbreviations, punctuation, etiquette, synonyms, postal rates, postage


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The New Standard Business and Social Letter-Writer