Letter writing--Handbooks, manuals, etc; Commercial correspondence; Household employees; Marriage proposals;



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The New Standard Business and Social Letter-Writer is described on the title page as an illustrated guide to "business, family, and social correspondence, refined love-letters, marriage proposals, acceptances and refusals, etiquette, synonyms, legal forms, etc. Alphabets showing different styles of lettering communications from noted people." The volume is separated into eight parts, each with a various number of chapters or topics. Each topic contains sample letters of various types.

This first section of the book explains commercial correspondence (including a section on "employer and employee"), semi-private business (such as interactions with banks and landlords), and private business. This section also discusses correspondence between parents and children, relatives and guardians, governesses and housekeepers, chaperons and companions, and servants. This section also includes the beginning of the part of the book dedicated to love and marriage, and discusses proposals, acceptances, and refusals.

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Laird & Lee


Chicago, IL


letter writing, business correspondence, commercial correspondence, semi-private business, bank correspondence, private business, family correspondence, letters to family, household staff, governesses, chaperons, housekeepers, servants, marriage proposals, acceptances, refusals, marriage correspondence

The New Standard Business and Social Letter Writer