Submissions from 2018

A Riemann-Type Theorem for Segmentally Alternating Series, Michał Banakiewicz, Bruce Hanson, Pamela B. Pierce, and Franciszek Prus-Wiśniowski

Submissions from 2017


To Each Their Own: Students Asking Questions Through Individualized Projects, S. A. Cook, James Hartman, Pamela B. Pierce, and N. S. Seaders

Submissions from 2015


Braid computations for the crossing number of Klein links, Michael Bush, Danielle Shepherd, Joseph Smith, Sarah Smith-Polderman, Jennifer Bowen, and John Ramsay

Submissions from 2014

Modeling of tomato fruits into nine shape categories using elliptic fourier shape modeling and Bayesian classification of contour morphometric data, Sofia Visa, Chunxue Cao, Brian ScSpadden Gardener, and Esther van der Knaap

Submissions from 2010

Preservers of Eigenvalue Inclusion Sets, James Hartman, A. Herman, and C. Li