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This letter was written by Mary to her family during the spring semester of her second year in college. Three small blue pieces of paper contain text handwritten blue ink. Mary describes the missionary play she performed in and an April Fool's engagement party her friends throw her.


Dear Folks.

Well its Thursday morning and I'm waiting for the oven to get warm so I'll write a little more.

Sunday the play went off beautifully - better than any of our practises [sic] - and my dresses looked so nice everyone said. Both of us girls were in white when we came in the first time for the tennis setting and we both wore blue ties and blue headbands. The fellows were in white ducks. - That was the second scene - then at the latter part of that scene the others went off and left "Frank" and "Jean" to talk things over. At the end of that - you could have heard a pin drop and according to reports of - some fellows in the back


had taken out their handkercheifs and it must have been impressive.

--You see it was supposed to be the end of my scheme of life- because he was going to be a missionary. - and the scene ended where he was mumbling to himself - some verse of the Bible with his head in his hands. Then for the 3rd scene I wore my yellow dress and white hat.

Oh, then I musn't forget to tell you about my announcement party. Sunday noon the girls had an announcement party - announcing my engagement. You see I was engaged to Frank in the play and some of them knew it of course.


And so some of those clever heads together and - made an April Fool affair. There were April Fool caps- at each place and a little sign "Announcing the engagement of Bean" and at my place there - "Are you stringing us dear old Bean"? (string Bean)

It truly was clever and I don't know who did it.

Much Love,




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Letters; Missionary plays; April Fools' Day; Betrothal


Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Parents- April 1, 1926



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