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This undated letter Mary wrote on a Sunday evening, possibly in January of 1926 to her Mother and Father, on four small sheets of Tea House stationery. It is hand written in blue ink front and back. She writes about her experience taking exams, making Valentines to sell for extra money, and having a triple date.


[Jan. '25?]

Sunday Eve:

Dearest Mother and Father.

Another Sunday has gone and tomorrow will begin a bran [sic] new semester. – 17 hours for me – I may not be able to do it. Most everyone went away this weekend so it was quiet and peaceful here. And we enjoyed some much needed rest. Exams were terriable [sic] this year. I have never taken such hard ones. They are trying awfully hard to raise the standards of

2/ the college and I guess they’re doing it a little too suddenly. Mr. Parter the man we [sic] has been servant at Holden for years and years says that he never has seen the girls do so much studying for exams – and in fact all the year we've heard more talking about how much harder it is.

Miss Richardson conditioned about half of her Freshman Spanish class I guess. I just took my Spanish exam on Friday morning and there’s still time to get a flunk or conditional notice

3/ in that and I’m scared silly. I’ll just pass out because I have worked hard in the stuff. I’m scared to death Mary’s going to flunk her French. Its exam was so hard and shes been having quite a bit of trouble with her French. The teacher is a senior here and she’s not considerate altho she knows her stuff.

[unclear] Wack [/unclear] for debate begins this Wednesday. Please send me anything you can find. Material is very

4/ scarce on that subject here in the Lib. Bob wanted a date tonight but I wouldn’t give it to him. Instead I went down to see Esther for a while.

The Box you sent was wonderful – How many hours of thought and labor you must have put on it. Last night Andy, Boots and I had triple dates and after 10 – when the fellows were to go. We sent them down to Miller Manor after some food from the “Box” and they brought some up to us that way.

5/ The chicken was delicious. I was there to see it unpacked and it was all fixed so nicely and there was so much of it.

Mary and I had a chance to get in the Dorm but we didn’t want to go in – this semester it’s so nice and quite [sic} here. And we have our room all fixed up so nicely – that we didn’t want to go. So here we are – and we love it too.

6/ Have my Valentine’s for posters [sic] now. Here’s hoping I sell a bunch of them the money will come in handy.

Prexy talked in Co-ed S.S. class this morning on the “Book of Mark” – He compared its structure to a symphony orchestra.

I hear Mary and Leland down stairs they just came in from a walk. It’s a marvelous night. So balmy and spring like and clear. The stars are shining.

7/ We made toast for supper this evening and it tasted so good – Had some of your apples and cookies beside some milk which we got at the dorm.

Mary and I were invited to Painters for a dinner party last Friday – Had a nice time – Played a new game called “Travelling” – and had such fun. They have a nice radio. They brot [sic] us home in the car -------

All the kids are in now and raving about their dates – and I can’t concentrate so may as well stop.

Lots of Love

Mary says to tell you that she’s not raving.



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Wooster, Ohio


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Letter from Mary to Mother and Father - Sunday Eve



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