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This letter from Mary to her family is written on five small sheet of cream Y.W. Tea House Stationary in blue ink on front and back. She talks about prayer group, debate, buying a purple hat to wear on spring vacation if she gets to travel to Milwaukee or Akron. She took her Victrola to the infirmary for a friend to listen to while not feeling well. She had a radio listening party at a friends off campus house and talks about making a costume to wear to a gypsy party and a boy asking for too many "dates".


Sun. Eve.

Dearest Family

It is almost time to go down to the prayer group but I can begin this anyway. I believe I told you that we are reading “The Man Nobody Knows” and the girls like it immensely. We are reading “Christ the Executive” now. It makes a fine discussion book for a Sunday evening prayer book group.

This has been a very happy pleasant and busy week. Have stopped working on Saturday mornings now till after the debate which cuts down my work 5 more hours – but I have to do it to be fair to the task I’ve undertaken. Of course it means paying out more – till after the debate which is the middle of April. Has

2. Father sent my Feb. allowance yet. He hasn’t mentioned it and I need it.

This week end has been dollar day downtown – Can you imagine me in a purple hat. Well – I bought a lovely quality of purple hat for a dollar. It’s a smart little shape too – and everyone likes it. It will be fine to travel in Spring Vacation if I go anyplace and if I don’t go to Milwaukee – I’ll feel compelled to go to Akron – They’ll disown me if I don’t pay more attention to them – and I don’t blame them.

Your box came Sat. morning after and I was so glad to get the records & the candy & clothes.

3. The “vic” has been away all this week – over at – the infirmary – one of my little Freshman friends is over there. So when these records came I took them over - - - I haven’t any place to keep the records – and I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to send me one of your record books – Then I could keep them together. You could send me a couple more records then – when you sent it. – I appreciated the one – underneath the mellow moon so much because I know how you folks like it. – I like the instrumental ones especially.

Was over to see the girl the early part of this afternoon – played the records and

4. read to her a while – and she appreciated it so much. Am sending my laundry home Mon. morning. The sandwich enclosed was delicious – even tho it was sort of hard – Miss Gould tasted it and liked it too.

As I said before this has been a very pleasant week. Kam Sing Sun does not live at Luccocks anymore but out in town – in a large home – a couple blocks from the campus – where she is working for her room and board. Well the family then went to Columbus for the week and when Kam Sing told Miss Roat – Miss Roat said she ought to have some

5. to stay with her and asked who she wanted. So I’ve been down there every night except Friday – when I was at Holden over night with Mildred Cabut – a debater & darling girl.

Well there is a radio at this home where Kam is staying so you can imagine what fun we had. Last night (Sat. nite) we had a wonderful [unclear] couast [/unclear] till 1:30 (?) from W.T.A.M. Cleveland. We also had Chicago & N.Y. daily. They have a lovely home – beautifully furnished with pretty lamps – a lovely big fireplace and a comfortable davenport.

6. I went to sleep listening to the radio on the davenport – They have a darling dog & I had so much fun with it

Friday night she insisted on having a little party. She wanted to ask the two chinese fellows in school & insisted on my asking someone – so I didn’t know who else to ask but Bob. We had radio & had some guessing stunts and then popped corn over the fire. It was really lots of fun. – But I went to Holden all night to stay with Mildred – as the man of the house had come home for the night.

7. The other nights we tried to study. Has my report come yet? I wish you would send it to me if it has. I haven’t got one myself. Bob took me to the B.B. game last night and wanted a date for church – but I very frankly told him no – because we were having enough dates all at once. – He is taking me to the gypsy party Thursday. I wish you had sent the bandana handkerchief. I have paper [unclear] for a costume. I cut out that cute picture on the red [unclear] orars [/unclear] poster

8. of the girl and boy on the sled & tacked it on the wall above my dresser. – and I saved the poster of Santa – I can use it next Christmas.

Friday afternoon Mrs Johnson – [unclear] our [\unclear] former Pres Johnson’s wife gave the lovliest [sic] Tea for the girls debate team at her home. She is Irish & a perfect dear. Mrs Leau – Mrs Prof Cummings – Mrs Althouse & Mrs Miller (our debate instructors wife) – were all there. It was fun! I feel so incapable of it all – It’s a lot of work but grand experience.

9. You asked about Kam. She is a chinese girl who has never seen china. She is fr Her home is in Hawaii & her mother & many sisters and brothers live there now. She came over from Hawaii with a missionaries [sic] family & went to Northfield seminary for prep school. – She is educating herself – to teach perhaps in Hawaii. Shes an interesting character - & is liked by everyone. She looked beautiful Fri nite - with a new dress on & - her hair parted in the middle with braided rolls on either side.

10. she isn’t going to be a missionary. She’s just here for education as far as I know. Do you suppose you could send me the woolen girdle. That would be dandy for my gypsy costume – I [unclear] hadn’t thought of it! – I s’pose you’d have to send it special so I’d get it.

I wish Dad was here so we could talk over the children going to school - ! It wouldn’t be a bad idea to apply for both of them – for Esther should apply now for a room in Hover [sic] – I can do it for Es. too if you wish – because if she comes next year – she could have a choice room in Hoover if I did.



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Letter from Mary to Family - Sun Eve circa 1926



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