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In this letter on six small sheets of Y.W.C.A Tea House stationary, Mary writes home to her family in blue ink about a visit from her friend Mary for Color day, gifts she received for her birthday and her possible plans for the following year.


Dearest Family,

This weekend has been such a happy one I don’t know where to begin I’spose I better take it a day at a time. Let’s see I believe it was Thursday when my laundry came with some surprises in it. I didn’t open the box of dates, even to look at – till Mary came Friday. – They are as good as usual of course – but the little verse – with them was as clever as could be. ---- Mother, you’re getting to be worse & worse original all the time. –

2. I love the green shirt and I think I’d rather have bloomers to wear with it that[sic] anything else – although [sic] anything would be alright. And I love the book of poems – just love it. Did you look over it enough to read some of them – I love this one – It’s so short I know it already –

“ I’m glad the sky is painted blue

And the earth is painted green

And such a lot of nice fresh air

All sandwiched in between.”

Annonymous [sic]–

Isnt that dear?

3. The chain Dad sent couldn’t be better – I like the flatness of it and its just the right weight for the medal. ---- wait till you see how it looks – and by the way it won’t be very long. Till you – do see – and I appreciated so much your getting me one - - when I asked if you want to send me Esthers?

Friday morning I went to meet Mary on the 8:44 Flyer from Chicago – and I didn’t believe she was coming till I saw her get off that train and

4. shewe we surely did look good to each other. She didn’t sleep at all, all night – too excited – but I did – slept like a log. Friday afternoon we rested and talked a little and walked around the campus and saw people.

It is now Monday evening and I’m going to finish this – Mary came in just as I finished the above! – Sun. Evening

5. Mary and I are having the finest – nice time. We are taking things easy and calm. And Mary is purer gold than ever. We’ve both changed – and it’s interesting. She has just finished reading from her diary some of the curious moods – that she passed through. This year has been a hard one for her and she’s been a “hick”. We went to the “Lib” this evening – she wrote two three letters and I did some reading for History. Exams will be here all too soon

6. and I must make good in them [sic]. We are having marvelous weather. It has been showering all day and the air is so fresh and nice. You should see the two beautiful roses that Miss Ganed and Mrs McCay gave me on my birthday. They are opening so slowly and beautifully. The lilies of the valley you sent were just lovely – and I remembered the time you sent them last year and also of how you have told me often of the time when the “Doctor” brot [sic] them to me at the very beginning of my life in this world.

7. Saturday morning the box of cakes came – I couldn’t imagine what was in that box when I lifted it and the “baby pillow” is so cute! But – I also don’t know when I’ve enjoyed anything so much as that book of poems. Those poems are so choice – and helpful. I’ve read more of them – and learned one little one. Leeland & Mary and Bob and I were together most of the time color day.

8. Color Day was wonderful – much more wonderful and clever than last year. – But I won’t begin to write that – It won’t be long till I can tell everything. You should see the lovely [unclear] matloe [/unclear] Boots brot [sic] me – “If for Girls” – but it’s not the same one I gave Esther. Its beautifully framed. And you should see the wonderful picture of herself that Elizabeth sent me. – Its beautiful and so natural of her. – She’s been writing much oftener [sic] for the last couple months.

9. Evelyn Miller sent me a lovely leather purse with “Bean” stamped on it. Mary is staying with me – and we’ve got the cleverest [sic] way to sleep – I’ll tell you about it. Mary’s sleeping fine and [unclear] we went to sleep this afternoon. [/unclear] She’s feeling much better these last few days than she has for a long, long time she says and she’s much better since she came even. – She’s staying at least a week


10. We didn’t have any school all morning but I worked in the Tea House all morning. Have been asked to take charge of the primary department of College Hall next year – and that will mean work - and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know whether I ought [sic] to take the time – And – I’ve got a notion I want to stay thru commencement June 11-14 --- I would earn a little extra here at the Tea House – but then I’d be tired – but then too I’d like to see my best

11. friends graduate & commencement is a big affair – I haven’t [unclear] thot[sic] it out very carefully yet. [/unclear]

Must close now.

Much Love

To my dear family




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Letters; College Life; Poetry


Wooster, Ohio


Letters, Color Day, Poems, birthday, YWCA Tea house

Letter from Mary to Family- Circa Spring 1926



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