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On two small sheets of YWCA Tea House stationary Mary writes to her Folks in blue ink about becoming the secretary treasurer of the Northern Ohio Union of Colleges, auditioning for the Color Day play and a measle outbreak on campus.



Dear Folks,

Just a short note to tell you a little news. You remember I mentioned something about a conference being held this last weekend! Well it was a Northern Ohio College Conference – including all the YM’s, YW’s and SK’s of the Northern Ohio Union. I hadn’t given a second thought on going because of debate, ect – Well this morning one of the girls came up and congratulated me – and on questioning her I found out that I was elected

Sec. and Treasury of the Northern Ohio Union – a union of about 20 colleges. I was shocked! --- can you imagine what that means. Mamie Berry, who was at the conference and also an officer in the union, brot [sic] me home the books and checks. Whew! That’s enough to stun me for awhile!

Then, today tryouts were held for the color day play and I decided I’d try out for fun – so gave my Italian pieces – and this evening at Debate one of the girls informed me that I was one of those picked for the second tryout which will be held again tomorrow in that tryout we tryout from a cutting of the play itself. There was 50 or so that tryout tried out Sean said. Whew! – I tried out for the Daughter or 4 other girls which have fine parts. There were eleven picked to try out for these 5 places – so 6 will be eliminated now.

Such is life at college.

Much love

Busy Bean

If I should happen to make a part in the play, you’ll all have to come to Wooster for color day, which is the biggist [sic] event in Woosters college year.

Eleven cases of measels [sic] broke out today at Kenarden. All the infarmaries [sic] are full.



Publication Date

Spring 1926


Letters; College Life; Auditions; Measles


Wooster, Ohio


letters home, debate club, Northern Ohio Union, auditions

Letter from Mary to Folks - Monday Circa 1926



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