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In this letter on Y.W.C.A. Tea House stationary, Mary writes to her family in blue ink on the front and back of 5 pages about springtimes, daffodils her Mother sent her, exams, her favorite record for the Victrola, writing letters, Easter cards, and a cold her caught while visiting Akron.


Sun. April 11, 1926

Dearest Family,

Am a little more light-hearted today than I have been for some time. My Greek exam is over now, and I believe that I passed alright. I’ll be very much surprised if I didn’t. Am coming along fine in debate in fact Prof Miller told Lois and I the other day that our appearance on the platform was the best of any of the team. He likes the case of speaking and type of voice – and just the general appearance of use [sic] in speaking.

Then I feel pretty good because it’s spring – I believe I wrote you the beautiful quotation which I heard

"I push the blades of grass aside and lay my finger on the heart of God.”

Isn’t that beautiful? I feel good because my check from the board came and all my bills are paid. I feel good because my room is spotlessly clean and thus cheerful. Had my rugs – comfort and sheets all cleaned. It was so thoughtful of you to send my laundry special delivery – so I got my pretty clean curtains up Saturday afternoon. It came (I mean my laundry) after I had finished cleaning my room so just in time to put them up and make things look so. Nice, and then those beautiful spring daffodils came, packed so prettily – came thru beautifully. I love them, and the dear verse, you wrote mother. I gave one to each of some of my best friends here, and copied the verse for them – and they appreciated it so much. They are so beautiful.

I have two baskets of them. One of the baskets we made in D.V.B.S. is hanging on my window shade – full of the jonquils. They get the sun there and look so pretty.

Miss Gould used the basket of jonquils for a dinner party at Holden this noon, the head table and of course they all remarked and she told them where they came from.

Prexy preached at church this morning, a very interesting sermon, and the first sermon he’s preached since he came back. He walks with a came and doesn’t look a bit well.

Mother, I’ll bet you can’t guess what I bought with the dollar you sent me!

One of my favorite pieces - “Oh Promise Me” – for the Victrola – sun by a beautiful contralto. Have been playing it all afternoon – I love it, I never get tired of it. I used to sing it to Mary on Sunday afternoons in our room at Hoover - with my Uke.

Received a special from Mary today – long letter. It’s real cold tonight but yesterday was a beautiful warm day. The sun shone today, tho. Wore my new spring outfit and it surely is stunning

Got another awful cold in Akron – and I’m trying hard to get rid of it – because I debate at Oberlin this coming Thursday night. Whew! The Easter card you sent was beautiful I’ve memorized the verse inside – I like it so much

Its deep beneath the fallow sod

The blooms await the smile of God

So may your heart in secret hold

The seeds of happiness untold

And may God smile upon them there

And make your heart a garden fair.


And don’t think I wasn’t aware of the “appropriateness” (if there is a such a word) of Mary and her little lambs on the cover. The card I sent Mary had a girl two lambs on it.

Am embroidering a green voil [sic] dress in all colors. It’s going to be very pretty. My curtains were packed so neatly. I wish you folks could see my room tonight. When I was in Akron Mrs. Austin gave me two of the prettiest waxed crepe paper butterflies – They’re to stick on lamps or flowers in the house. Cute & Clever. A friend of hers was making them for a bazar. They’re an awfully clever novelty.

Went to three shows while in Akron. Came back Tuesday morning and studied. Wednesday I felt awful. This cold was coming then. I guess that was why – and I couldn’t study. Thurs. was worse and Friday I went to the nurses. & took a hot bath I dosed up and was in bed early – for I had this Greek exam in the morning – and I had to be fit. Felt a lot better Sat. morning as I slept well Fri and sweat all nite [sic].

Don’t know what I’m going to do about next year – I’d like to live in the dorm. Only 4 years in college life and so I don’t what I’ll do. – Nothing whatever is in sight.

Have played the vic so much today – I enjoy it so. [unclear] Hoduch [/unclear] played it all last week. I’m to lead S. Volunteers a week from Tues. Missed getting the Pres.’ assistant of the S.V. by one vote. 8-9.

I believe I’ve told you most of the news – so I guess I better stop & write to Mary.

Much Love to All.


Mary Elizabeth



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Letters; College Life; Daffodils, Greeting cards


Wooster, Ohio


letters, Daffodils, Easter, cards, colds, exams, Victrola

Letter from Mary to Family -  April 11, 1926



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