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In this letter to her folks Mary writes about the Student Cristian Chest Drive, Seeing the plays "Papa loves Mama" and "The Gorilla". She gives update on Esther and Fred and how they are doing at college. She didn't make the Glee Club and hopes to be Basket Ball Manager to get her Wooster Letter. The letter is written on two small sheets of YWCA Tea House stationary in blue ink


Sunday. Oct 3, 1926

Dear folks,

Just came over for dinner a few minutes ago and have to go to a meeting at 2:o’clock – of the Christian association officers. We are having our Student Christian Chest Drive this week. Afternoon Honestly, we are having the funniest weather. We are getting in the habit of taking a slicker and umbarella [sic] out of the house every we go – Whether the sun is shining or not – It is lovely at this present minute tho. [sic]

Last night we had the best fun ever. Fred & Scud and Bob and I had double dates last night. Had late “per” to see a funyny [sic] play “Papa loves Mama” at the city opera house. The acting was real [sic] good – It was the Chicago Stock Co. Last Wed nite [sic] our whole bunch of girls went to see a mystery play called “the gorilla”- We are having sun fun with those Miller Manor girls. And “Scud” is by all means the finest girl there. We are wonderful friends already. She stayed with me all night after the play last night and we had the grandest talk

In Mary’s special from Pops this afternoon he says he heard Leord [sic] Thompson – the new pres of Ohio State and the moderator of Assembly – talk at Carrol College. Some of the things he said were –

“We get so polite we do not tell the truth to one another.”

“Freedom comes only thru moral self restraint”

“The man who thinks of no one but himself soon has a small job on his hands.”

I thought I’d pass out in church this morning. Papa Lucuck has an outstanding tendency to lull one to sleep. Last night Boots and Leland celebrated their first date was just a year ago that night. P.S. Do not get wrong impression here! Mary’s worried that you will.

Esther was so thrilled over a long letter from [unclear] Maym [/unclear] the other day. PLEASE send the Clarksburg paper to Esther at Miller Manor. I haven’t any use for it and Esther has – It’s being sent to Holden in Dad’s name.

This evening Esther and I were going over to Mrs Vauces to sing and play. Mrs Vauce has a beautiful contralto voice and we had so much fun singing together out at “Chys” Esther is going to play for us. She wants me to bring my saw. PLEASE send Esther’s pillow. I’ve been using a small one all along cause Esther has mine. She was glad to get her sheets. My laundry is ready to send

Home. I hated to send it but I simply couldn’t wait till all my things were dirty. Wash a bunch of stockings and silk underwear yesterday. And cleaned our room. Mrs Brower sent us twin coverlets (blue striped) for our twin beds – We also have a floor lounge. Just came back from the SC.G. Drive meeting - we’re divided up into teams to solicit fair money from those who don’t give voluntarily – more fun!

I suspect those curtains might to be in pretty soon at Parsons. S and did you get those tan hose exchanged at the same place? And will you please send me

One of those green ties that you I bought you. Esther was so pleased with Dady’s [sic] letter a couple days ago. Little dear – she’s young yet and will grow up – and turn out to be a daughter you’ll be proud of. Everything that I’ve heard about her has certainly been favorable. Fred surely is stepping out – with his photography. It brings him before the students constantly. The game yesterday was with Ashland. It was a hard game but we won it 13-0. The clouds in the sky above the stadium were simply gorgeous – Our areoplane “flew” over the stadium and twirled around like a bird. Have charge of the entertainment for the S.V. party this Tuesday. Have an enormous lot of studying to do this year. And just piled up with outside reading & outside activities.

I didn’t make Glee club. But, altho [sic] I’d love to be in it, its just as well that I didn’t. Mary Low - Esther’s big sister made it. Esther has a great deal of respect and love for her big sister - and that’s one of the best things that could happen. Oh yes I must tell you that I’m Basket Ball manager

5/ For the Junior class this fall. Am trying to get my WC this year. Mangers get extra points of course – and that’ll help lots. I’m supposed to speak at C. E. tonight – so perhaps I’d better be deciding what I’m going to say. Hope you can read this I’m lying down and this writing isn’t so good.

Daddy take care of yourself – and don’t worry about things. God loves you and everything that happens will be for the best and so I’m not worrying about you.

Much Love

Your Daughter

“a la college”


Mary Elizabeth


  1. curtains
  2. pillow
  3. hose [tan]
  4. some silk underwear I know must be there

my gym shoes – marked BEAN on them. Must have ‘em for B. Ball.



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Letter from Mary to Folks - Sunday October 3, 1926



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