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This letter was written by Mary to her family near the end of her second year of college. The letter is composed of 4 sheets of stationery from the Y.W.C.A. Tea House; handwritten text in blue ink covers the front and back of each page. Much of this letter is devoted to Mary's plans for the summer's bible school at her church, but she also writes about exams, and travel plans for when her parents pick her up from college.



May 30, Sunday

Dear Folks:

Please Pray for me! Exams begin Tuesday and end the following Wednesday. - And then the following Monday you folks expect to start. Will you be here on Mon- or Tuesday? Commencement here is on Monday Morning. Don’t know whether I’ll get to go to the exercises or not - but there are big doings that weekend. Bob is staying over commencement so he’ll probably take me to the class play on Sat. Nite.

Tell me, Mother, what kind of clothes shall I keep out for traveling? I’ll probably have a hat box and I have a grip here so if you folks wouldn’t bring grips


but sort of bundle things up - Esther and Mother could put their stuff in my grip because I have to take it home anyway - or else leave it here. and I’m not going to leave anything in the Tea House. I suppose I’ll be beginning to send stuff home pretty soon.

Then about D.U.B.S——— If you leave the 14th you would probably want to be home for the following Sun- the 20th and then the convention is - that very week end 23, 24, 25 (Wed-Thur Fri)- And if we began D.U.B.S. the 21 we would have only two days of school before the convention and that wouldn’t be sensible. Would break it all up. I’d rather have the school a week later which will make it begin June 28 and last till July 23 inclusive.

2 [3]

Makes the school a little late alright but I see no other way out of it

The next thing I’d like to have you do now pretty soon- is to get some little cards printed like we had last year. You have a sample in your files—. Have the membership fee the same and the dates changed of course to June 28-July 23 - - and then there’s one thing about the ages I want to ask. It was last year 4-14. I think it would be wise to consult Mrs Hill - about the age 4 - whether she thinks 4 or 5 or 6 - wise to include. I think it would be wise to make it up to 15, or 16 anyway - What do you think?


Anyway I think it would be wise for you to see Mrs Hill before having the cards printed - Otherwise I think it could be about the same as last year

Then —— I want to begin earlier to advertise the school! And I want the cards printed in time to be mailed to last years D.U.B.S enrollment so they will get them in the mail the week you come after me - about the 16th. Then when we’re home the 20th I want announcements made in S.S. and the cards given out to the whole S.S. there and given out again on the 20th. See?


3. Don’t you think that would be a good plan? -so the only thing to be settled now it the ages. - and be on the look out for teachers and a boys leader! And a second Mrs. Smith! —

It’s hot today but it rained this afternoon.

Are we going to Akron after you pick me up? We sure will have a load won’t we?

Mary went home last Mon. and such a wonderful time as we did have. She is driving her dad around thru Michigan just now. expects to be home this week and go up North


very soon. I’ve written 6 letters this afternoon.

Tomorrow is a Holiday - Decoration Day but I’m going to study most all day! We have a baseball game with Ohio State Monday. Boy if we win - won’t I kid “Doc.” Got a letter from him a couple days ago and gave him the funniest quick answer — he’ll get it Monday! Ha! Ha!

Am still drawing for Mr. Spenser. He went to Columbus with 3 of my drawings last Friday.



This is an awful dumb letter. Enclosed find program for Soph. Senior Banquet. It was a gorgeous affair - out on the quad with the chapel & Kauke Tower for an old English Setting! - It was so clever.

Have to study hard this week. Have been this last week, too.

Love, Bean.


Send me a blank check book rite away—Am clean out




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Wooster, Ohio

Letter from Mary to Parents- May 30, 1926



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