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This letter is written on four sheets of Y.W.C.A Tea House stationary in blue ink and pencil. Mary writes to her folks about having a musical with her friends and serenading others. She tries to keep ahead on her studies and complains about Christian organizations on campus not having adequate leadership. She writes about prayer week and also about seeing the ladies Welsh Choir.


Nov 28, 1926

Dearest Folks:

Have written to Janice and “Gus’. Felt sort of musical all this weekend, so we’ve been singing and playing ect. Last night four of us serenaded the Dean – of Women and we did have such fun. – We also serenaded Leland and Mary. They were in the front parlor – (it was too cold outdoors) – I wish you could see them together – they’re so dear.

It’s a wonderful day. Just spicy enough to give one a lot of pep. But one window we can see way over past the stadium to the Hills beyond. The sun is just streaming in. Read 175 pages for psychology this weekend – so you can see I’m reforming – am ahead of my psych & Spanish grades – And doing much more reading (collateral) this year than ever before.

Have to miss a perfectly good C. E. meeting of music – because I must tell a story to the kiddies at College Hall – tonight. Better had study on it awhile….


Told my story and got along just fine. Everytime [sic] I’ve come from being down there I’m just all worked up – about it. – and the fact comes pounding back to me that it is sadly true, that our Christian organizations are not given enough capable leaders – just the left overs are used for too many things. The order was terriable [sic] and the leadership was rotten. These kids sang perhaps 8 songs and not once were told to stand up and sing them – can you imagine such conditions. It’s terrible [sic] and it just makes me foul – I caught myself comparing contrasting often the response obtained there with that of our own D. V. B. S.

Every time I’m thrust in such a situation the more convinced I am that more able trained leaders should be secured for Christian work of that kind.

This evening begins Wooster’s Prayer week – we start prayer groups in the dorms tonight (Boots has charge of them here) Then tomorrow at chapel we have a speaker who begins a series of meetings – following every evening at 6:30 till 7:30. You knew Dr. Luccock had resigned? So I suppose next year we’ll have a new student pastor here.

Esther called up last night about 9: o’clock. She just wanted to talk to me because she was home-sick.

Read 150 pages of outside reading for psychology Saturday but haven’t my psych. lesson for Monday. I have to just din in that if I’m going to make it. A book on our psych reading list is “Patience Worth” It is always out in the lib so think I’ll read it this Christmas vacation when I come Dad – you have it – huh?

[unclear] Mrs Shuman Heink [/unclear] sang at Akron this afternoon – for her last time – She’s making her final tour through America – I guess you know.

The famous ladies Welsh choir is coming to Wooster Chapel this Tuesday – and I’m going to hear that. I thought since I’d heard S. Keink that I’d rather hear these Welsh singers.

Have been ditching Bob a little lately – sort of mean perhaps. Did I tell you he gave me his picture and wants one of mine?

Did not meet Esther’s musician when he was here Thanksgiving but heard he was alright - rather clean cut ect – Scud was with her most of the time and she has heaps of sense.

I’ve started to let my hair grow again – Thrills! Wonder if it will last!

I have a poster made already for our Christmas C.E. meeting – Its up in our room and it’s a snow scene in the country – pines ect – with a little village in the background behind beyond the hills

The weeks are just flying by and before we know it we’ll be home – again - all together. Time for slumber now. So By By [sic] till the next time.


Mary. E. Behner



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Wooster, Ohio


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Letter from Mary to Folks - November 28, 1926



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