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Mary writes home on two sheets of COW stationary in blue ink about Christmas in Wooster. She was looking forward to formal dinners, singing Christmas carols, playing Christmas songs on the saw and wishes she could go to Wisconsin for Christmas Break.


Sunday, Dec 12, 1926

Dear Mother and Father

It started out today to be a beautiful Wooster Sunday but its warming up a bit and is rather sloppy now. As I’m writing this in bed I can look accross [sic] the campus and see the college Christmas tree. Honestly the spirit of this college has been just wonderful this year. Prayer week was splendid. Rev. Klemme just [unclear] seitched [/unclear] this campus with his interpretation of the personality of Christ – and now this Christmas tree, the idea of Dean Kelso. It was lit last night, and everyone was so thrilled. We are going to sing carols around the tree this week. This is going to be such a busy week. Tuesday night the dorms have their big Christmas tree dinners (formal dress and formal service) Then the Oritorio sings in Tuesday nite. [sic] Wednesday night the Y.W. & Y.M have a joint service in the Chapel after which the student body is going to sing carols around the tree. Thursday Dr. Lean read “The Christmas Carol”.

On Friday noon the Holidays begin. Why couldn’t you come all the way thru to Wooster Thursday. You could hear Dr. Lean in our chapel and get a “whiff’ of our Wooster Christmas Spirit too and sing carols around our Wooster Christmas tree with us. Wouldn’t that be fun? I have three classes on Friday – finish up at 11:00 – It surely would be grand if you could drive all the way thru.

I wish I could read between your lines about my going to Wisconsin. What do you mean? I really hadn’t given it very serious thought because it all seemed so far distant. I certainly haven’t the cash on hand – but would give up a lot to go because it is a chance in a life-time and all so sort of ideal for me – except – not having you – Christmas. When I read your letter to Mary she literally gasped – as for wanting me there’s no use to write it even – She said at the time “if insisting would do any good, Boy, I sure would insist” When I get to thinking about it I’d love to go and yet again when I think about not being with you I don’t know what to think- The thing is what would be best – for us all –

One way fare

$16 x 2 = 32

3 Sleeper on way back

$35 Bare expenses

Esther and I played at the women’s missionary society – Christmas program last Friday. We played a medly [sic] of Three Christmas Carols “It came upon a midnight clear” – “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” “Silent Night” They enjoyed it a lot. They asked us to stay for their supper and to play sometime again in the spring. Lots of them had never heard a saw before. Esther & I sat near Mrs. Vance during the supper – she always is do dear to us. She asked Esther to play for her to sing some solos – Saturday. Then Mrs. Vance said to us, “I wish I knew your Mother” - “She must be a wonderful mother “ - so I said that we’d bring you folks over when you come up here next time. Wasn’t that sweet?

Yesterday was such a restful day. Mary didn’t have a 1st hour (Sat. class) so we stayed in bed till 9:30 – bliss! Then we read and rested all afternoon.

This noon we had our little sisters over at Holden for dinner – real simple but dear dinner party. – Esther, Scud, Mary Russell and Millie Graham made little paper (poinsettia figured) [sic] cornicopias [sic] and filled them with Christmas candy for each one & a poinsettia & pine centerpiece (handmade) the above blot is the result of my room mates desperate pillow throwing.

This morning (traditional – they) the seniors sang Christmas carols in the dorms at 4:o’clock. Brave little seniors.

Leland is not here this week end – and poor Mary hasn’t been the same. By the way Leland is going to bum his way to Wisconsin this Xmas vacation – Thrills! I don’t know what Mary would say if she’d see this. Guess I’ll read it to her – Goodbuy[sic] Bean –


The choir sings this afternoon. – A Christmas carol service – in just about 40 minutes – which I’d better start to get ready

Muchest [sic] of Love

Your Mary Elizabeth.

Ester made “lt” and of course she’s thrilled.

(written upside down) Yes, Mary read this and then comments going to be most sedately then she’s understanding dear. (only sometimes she does) kid me! She’s this and see other end of page.

I can’t say what I wish! But she suits me perfectly even when pillow lose some of them dust on Sun afternoons. And she snores in my ear and tickles me. So I can’t write now “nuthin” [sic] as you see. Lovingly Mary Christina



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Winter 1926


Letters; College Life; Christmas; Caroling; Travelling


Wooster, Ohio


letters home, Christmas, Christmas carols, musical saw, Wisconsin

Letter from Mary to Mother and Father circa 1926



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