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Mary writes to her folks on four large sheets of pink stationary folded into a booklet in blue ink about the letters she’s received, lovely gifts, and surprising her roommate with a room makeover when she returned from the holiday break. She led a children’s choir and played music on her saw, she had a dinner party with friends and set her schedule for the next semester.


Sunday. Jan 9, 1927

After breakfast

Dear Folks:

Had grape fruit and hot coffee cake for breakfast. My bed is made and another Sunday has begun. Have had some very interesting correspondence this week. A fine letter from Evelyn Miller. She appreciated my fits so much and especially the fact that I would take time to write her such a long letter on Christmas Day. She loves the book “It Can be Done” and of course my picture too. Then also I had a letter from Mrs. E. F. Baker – who

was once Betty Sebbold. She is now living in her own home on Mulford Road in Columbus not far from the home of her parents or her husbands parents. She is so happy. She says – “You can’t realize how glorious it is to have a home and a baby. Oh Beany, she is adorable. There are time’s where I could just kill her with hugs and kisses – How is your family – and have you found “Him” yet or are you too devoted to work? “ The letter was a dear one and such a surprise – an answer to a Christmas card I’d sent her. She and her sister were married at the same time. Her sister also has a baby and is expecting another one very soon. Also had a nice letter from Janice. She was so pleased with my train letter. Catsy and Von sent Esther and I both stationary for Christmas. The little package from Andy which you put in my laundry

was a beautiful yellow and orange handpainted silk handkerchief. Mary got a blue one. You can’t imagine how lovely the yellow curtains look. They look so cheery and fresh and dainty. Have a little blue butterfly stuck on each one. The blue and yellow is such a lovely combination. Our room looks the best it has ever looked – with the beds, book case, ect all changed around. Everyone likes it better. The plain colored curtains are so much better for


this room than figured ones. Mary likes them so much, too. She was so pleased when she saw the room at 4:30 Tuesday morning when she came in. I wasn’t really expecting her till Wednesday and was so surprised. When I saw her sitting on my bed – after she’d kissed me awake – she decided she could cut a class either. And it was such a good thing that I came when I did or we never could had the room looking as it does now.

I finished everything – Mon night – it took me till 11:30- and of course everything looked darling when Mary came. Leland had met her on that early train. He hadn’t gotten in himself till midnight (bumming from Chi.) – All I hear is Milwaukee – Mary is just full of it. They had a marvelous time and the convention was simply wonderful I guess. [unclear] “The Interacelleyum” put out daily numbers for the convention. Brouwers – of course entertained the delegates in fine style. [/unclear] Mary said she never gave up of my not coming until after the convention began. She said she wouldn’t have been a bit surprised to see me walk in at any time because she said she knew how badly I wanted to come and how I usually get what I want if I want it badly enough. So much for that.

Yesterday Mrs. Vance called me up – said she had an awful cold and wondered if I would consent to take her place and lead the singing at College Hall in the afternoon- and also play a saw solo. So I did and got along fine. It seemed quite natural to be leading a group of children again – so I felt quite at home. Afterwards when I was walking up the hill with the girl who played the piano (a senior)


She said “I surely did like the way you handled those children – How do you think of all those extra things – on the spur of the moment? That one remark would be enough to tell on that is a great need for more able workers down there. You know how things do pop into your head when you’re in front of a bunch of wiggly children. For instance I said – “Now – I’m going to ask you a question” – Naturally every eye was alert – all talking stopped – then I said - What is 10x4? Every shouted “40” a- “Alright”, I said turn to page 40” – Ha! Ha! Wasn’t that funny? Had a chance to go on a Toboggan party later in the afternoon but refused – and stayed home to start my studying for exams. Started some Psychology review. I’m scared to death of a flunk in Psyc and Spanish – so I’m giving everything up from now until exams. My schedule for next semester is made out. Instead of taking Philosophy – I’m taking another course in History so I’ll work off all but one year of my major. And the reason I’m doing that is because I heard that MacDonnald[sic] is not coming back next year & I’m getting all I can from him at the last minute. Don’t you think that’s wise. Then I’m also taking an Orientation course – one hour course on Wed Evenings – under the Political Science depart. It’s really a course of international relations – and the lectures are by – Prexy – Mac Dow – Ver Stuerg – ect – a great course if I can understand it all – All together I am carrying 17 hours. Bob wanted a date last night but I refused. Mary & I had double dates to the Basket Ball game last Thursday. We both were red dresses. It was fun!


My laundry came Sat. morning. And came Thursday I believe. All things enclosed have been delivered to their proper sources. Mary just came dashing, she’s been talking to Miss Moore ever since breakfast – Gus and I had a nice time on the train – Oh I guess I told that Tuesday. Night. “Scud”, “Dottie” King and Buddie gave an adorable dinner for their big sisters – not only did we have fruit cocktail

But there was chicken -a-la King and fruit jello and soup. Mary says Prexy is going to preach this morning --- It gives me a funny feeling when other people get credit for something though of – doesn’t it? – I guess father – you’ve probably felt that – where the book – “the More Nobody Knows” – came out. As long as the good is done – I guess the world is the thing that matters anyway. – but I guess its perfectly natural to have that funny feeling – Well dearies – it will soon be time to go to church or I mean – S. S – so goodbuy [sic]



Mary says I should cut it out

So goodbuy [sic]



I was teasing her

Boots & I have a new system now for devotions. We stop work at 10 – and have 30 min for – ourselves. We first write our diaries and then read – Just now we’re reading “The Religion of Undergraduates” and then just before we turn out the lights we learn 1 verse of scripture on on [sic] the C.E. [unclear] and then we have our prayers.

-- Nice? --



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Wooster, Ohio


letters, scheduling, dinner parties, room makeover, gifts, musical saw, children's choir

Letter from Mary to Folks -  January 9, 1927



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